pot luck – from the artists: episode 1

Penny Sharp
‘My work has been described in the past as ‘highly imaginative’, ‘striking’, ‘original’ and even ‘magical’. Each work contains many thousands of ingredients, experiments, discoveries and transforming decisions executed over several months, compressed into a relatively small space. Everything can be explained in terms of process, influences, developmental elaboration and reduction.

My first degree was in Printmaking, my second in 2D-3D motion graphics and virtual prototyping (animation). In my work I consider the still image of animation not just as a ‘constructed’ entity, but also as a manipulated, cut or erased one. This notion underpins all of the work that I make from drawing to sewing to sculpting to animation. Much of my work is interdisciplinary and a single piece of work may use embroidery, silk painting, traditional and/or digital drawing & collage.’

Samantha J Ndlovu
‘My work is concerned with the dualities that are manifest within post-colonialism, the relationship between the colonizer and the colonized, and the fine line between rebuked and revered.The Empire and the colonialist are adventurers, and the discovered natives are the trophies. I construct works from primitive materials masquerading as ornate and regal, these constructions become lavish and labour intensive, but cannot hide the veneer.’


About adobbratz

Maker & schemer in MPLS
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