pot luck: from the artists – episode 2

With only one day remaining before the show, here’s our final installment of artist info. Enjoy…

Shaun O’Donnell
There is a powerful instinctual sentiment within every human being that makes us aware of when we are being wronged; nevertheless we also show an exceptional capability to wrong others. I use elements of the human body to make forms that carry connotations of animals to draw on mans relationship with our livestock, as a model that could symbolise the dangerous nature of mankind. Each mutated form as a metaphorical representation of the individual torn between states of power and submission within our societal structure.

Jack McConville
Jack is a recent graduate of the GSA. When asked about his work he said ‘It’s dealing with the continued hangover of modernism, operating in the endgame of abstraction/figuration.’ Pretty deep Jack.

John Doak
In my recent work I have developed a fascination with the way human interaction is perceived within relationships through performance and photography. I am currently working with the ideology of Voyeurism and spectatorships and taking it further where we see relationships with oneself and others, and also where the inner workings and thoughts in ones head can be deployed through eccentricity in video and printmaking.


About adobbratz

Maker & schemer in MPLS
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