pot luck – photogs and the like

Thank you thank you thank you to all you who came and paid, or came and helped, or came and danced. We had an epic night. The art was amazing, the visuals were killer, the bands nearly made us wet ourselves and the djs fantastic. We couldn’t have done any of this with out any of you. Well, we wouldn’t have done it without you. So cheers.
Special mention to the amazing Vic staff, most especially Claire who now deserves a sainthood, Grant for flyer design and pr help, Ciaran for helping us all the time, the glamorous Becky Anson who classed up the place and did our dirty work, Duncan Young for sorting all the bands and the Jools Holland schtick (Duncan is our hero), Robbie Thomson for finding Duncan DJing and along with ACD Ferguson for the visuals (we’ve never seen the Vic so beautiful), Will Lakey for the photogs, Ev Hynan for the extra cupcakes, the artists for their time and help, the bands and djs for their noise.
All our love,

Tomorrow there will be some pictures for your enjoyment, courtesy of Will Lakey, but for now my computer’s running out of battery.


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