Open Forum on Funding Strategies for Arts Orgs, 02/03/10

Visting Artists Space, TRONGATE 103, Glasgow, G1 5HD

IRONBBRATZ, Market Gallery and TRONGATE 103 would like to invite leaders and members of arts and cultural organisations to join us to for a drink and chat to discuss alternative funding strategies for arts organisations. In these uncertain economic times, it becomes more important than ever to develop a supportive community that is strengthened by adapting to the new financial (and other) parameters that are forming. We hope that by initiating this community we can begin a discourse that helps arts organisations to create new strategies that enable us all to flourish.

Peter McCaughey and Ellie Harrison will share their views on alternative strategies that may be adopted to circumvent and add to current funding provisions. IRONBBRATZ and Market Gallery will then facilitate informal discussions amongst attendees to share suggested strategies.

We hope that this discussion becomes the first in a series of similar events that enables arts and cultural organisations to share experience, expertise and questions. After the event participants will be invited to participate in a forum on Central Station to continue discussion.

Places are limited. To attend, please RSVP to


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