Oliver Braid’s THE ONLY WAY IS IRONBBRATZ – Episode 3

I have a confession to make and I think I better make it before we go any further. I writing about the week at Ironbbratz and keeping you all in the loop with the news and recent events of the week – but ACTUALLY it’s only Thursday when I’m writing this. Hopefully nothing too wildly out of the ordinary will occur tomorrow, because then I feel as if I would be doing you a disservice.

I should also make an announcement about a new opportunity arising at Ironbbratz in the very near future. Pidgin Perfect’s very own legendary heartthrob Dele Adeyemo has volunteered nay demanded, to take his rightful place as Ironbbratz Agony Uncle. Like the Sonny to my Cher he will now be on-hand to answer any queries you feel I may be under qualified for. In particular these questions could focus on how to conduct your love lives – this is an area that I am definitely lacking in and one that I feel Dele may even be over qualified in! (Although I hear Pidgin Becca Thomas might also have some advice to offer fairly soon!) So the basic message regarding this paragraph is, if you’ve a question on your mind and want some possibly quite blunt advice, do feel free to write in to Ironbbratz via this post or through our Facebook and Dele will get right back to you. We can keep names confidential – but I can’t guarantee the answers will remain so!

More practical upcoming opportunities at Ironbbratz this month are both the spare studio spaces available AND the second phase of the new BROOD programme! I’ve hyperlinked both of these, so check them out! 😉

If you’re on the Transmission mail-out you may have also noticed that our address (3rd Floor, 84 Miller Street) was printed on a recent flyer for an event by Laura Yuile? We noticed this too but we weren’t 100% surprised! It’s a project that she is working on with the Telfer Gallery and there will be an official poster coming out soon. It’s going to be a great event too with a chance to get your hands on some work by really great artists and in a really interesting way. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to ‘spill’ about this just yet so I’ll leave it at that for now!!

This is a slightly outrageous statement to make BUT one of the highlights for me of the whole week (so far!) at Ironbbratz has been the visit on Tuesday evening to Gandolfi’s new take-away fish and chip shop! If you’re flush enough to pop down there you may even be served by another of Pidgin Perfect’s beautiful faces in the shape of Mr Marc G. Cairns. We ate the beer battered cod and chunky hand-cut chips which were pretty much worth the £7.80 price tag.

I ruined it slightly by tormenting Alan Campbell throughout his meal by showing him Tom of Finland pictures, but I was really just trying to influence him in a positive direction! Even if you don’t really like fish and chips (is this anyone?) you should get down there just to check out the licentious amount of wrapping and presentation that goes into the take-away bag! Well, actually, if you have any environmental concerns it’s possibly best to stay clear!

Actually, in addition to my first apology, I have an extra apology to make and this is on behalf of the kitchen/living space redecoration. We were all set to go on Thursday evening, all the paint was bought and man power was assembled but at the very last moment I had a bit of a nervous breakdown and all activities were halted. This week I’m away in Liverpool (for the closing event of My Five New Friends!) but hopefully HOPEFULLY in the following week we will get right back on track. We have a potentially quite exciting visit to Ironbbratz next week, but I don’t want to really mention that too much until it’s 100% in the bag – more details next week!!!

Another new little lovely in the pipeline is the new Ironbbratz collection of t-shirts we are currently working on producing, we’ll do great designs and any of the shirts that get sold will go back into helping Ironbbratz be a better place and to allow the Telfer gallery to work more ambitiously for their forthcoming programme!!

In related studio member updates, Ashley and John have finally returned from their holiday in the highlands – hopefully some photos will follow – and they only managed to offend one person the whole time they were up there!  David Tinto (from the BROOD project) is working hard at his upcoming presentation at CCA this month – lots of post-apocalyptic sounds coming from the project room! AND Emily Sheppard has moved a strange shaped pink sculpture into the Telfer as part of her upcoming event for Sound Thought at The Arches. Additionally Emily has been on jury duty all week but isn’t allowed to tell us about that at all! What a perfect citizen! It doesn’t stop me from being slightly envious as I’ve never been invited for jury duty once and she’s done it twice! I don’t even know if I’m allowed to divulge that information – fingers crossed for not having to go to prison!!

To round off on a super positive, I just want to let everyone know and offer my congratulations that week one of Natalia Palombo’s chocolate free Lent challenge has gone swimmingly, so a big cheer for her! I though writing that would make me instantly crave chocolate but as I can just hear Alan Campbell slurping soup like an old woman in the kitchen right next door I’m ever so slightly put off. (Unless of course it turns out to be chocolate soup!) Oh, it turns out it was a yoghurt – I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANYONE MAKE SO MUCH NOISE WITH A YOGHURT! It’s like he’s got it mic’d up! Oh my god – it’s being followed by a plate of mashed potato? Sorry to do a running commentary on this but it is like something from children’s television!

Also goodbye to Anna and Tess who were previous occupants of the West Wing and welcome to FOUR new and exciting members who have already booked to move in next week!

As I round off this new install of TOWI-IB I’m beginning to experience the sugar high that is so often a feature on a Thursday here, as my body tried to cope with the activities of this week’s Cake Thursday. This week we took a group excursion to Aldi and filled our trolley with all kinds of delicious and unusual biscuits, heated up a jar of Nutella, mixed it with cream and VOILA improvised Ironbbratz fondue.

Once we’ve got a new blog design, a finished kitchen/living space and got round to tidying up Alan’s diet a bit I promise you truly that THE ONLY WAY *WILL BE* IRONBBRATZ!!!

For now please do feel free to visit the new OUTRAGEOUS documentation of this week’s Cake Thursday, loving edited by OUTRAGEOUS eater Alan Campbell!! > 


About Oliver Braid

Oliver Braid is an artist based in Glasgow selected as one of Scotland’s most promising new visual arts practitioners as part of Collective Gallery’s 2011 New Work Scotland Programme and currently based at Ironbbratz Studios. He studied Fine Art at University College Falmouth and Glasgow School of Art, where he completed the Master of Fine Art programme in 2010. Over the past twelve months he has presented solo exhibitions of his work at The Royal Standard, Liverpool; Collective Gallery, Edinburgh; The Mutual, Glasgow and BBC Scotland, Glasgow. Throughout 2012 he is co-hosting a weekly pop-philosophy radio show with the artist Ellie Harrison, The Ellie & Oliver Show, through Culture Lab Radio, Newcastle and is involved with the artist’s therapy group Artist Anonymous.
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One Response to Oliver Braid’s THE ONLY WAY IS IRONBBRATZ – Episode 3

  1. bout-time-tae says:

    Oliver… you didn’t hyperlink to Brood or spare studio spaces…
    Also something very exciting did happen since Thursday didn’t it 😉 xx

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