The Only Way is Ironbbratz! Episode 4: The Big Fat Late Edition/Most Haunted

If anyone is at all familiar with my new stab at co-hosting a radio show (The Ellie and Oliver Show) they will know that from this week’s episode everything I have been involved with this week has been a massive big old disaster. So in keeping with the theme this week’s TOWIIB has totally also become a big old bit of trouble.

As Mike Skinner would say ‘It was supposed to be so eeeeasy’. And just as that album ends on such a positive note, so will my forthcoming contributions to this blog. What went all wrong this week was possibly an advance too quick into the world of Internet broadcasting with me, Becca Pidgin and Dr. Dele Adeyemo.

As a special treat we decided that this week we’d do a delicious broadcast instead of a blog – it can’t be that hard surely?! But surprise surprise, it turns out audio/visual affairs are never as easy as initially predicted! As promised in last week’s blog we totally intended, for your delight, to present a new format featuring all our love life problems and beyond tackled and answered by the Ironbbratz resident agony Uncle Mr. Dele Adeyemo. Believe me; I’ve got enough problems to keep us sat on the sofa for an hour at least!

We set up the video camera, we sat ourselves down, we talked, we presented problems, and we listened to Dele’s wise knowledge. BUT when we came to editing we found that the audio and the visuals (which had already had to have been recorded on separate devices) were not only out of sync BUT also we had some big chunks missing. Earlier in the day my radio co-host had already dropped out mics on the floor and broken up our sound quality too!

BUT this isn’t the only problem this week at Ironbbratz and I think I might have finally found a solution! For about a week or two now, ever since we started to revamp the kitchen area (is this becoming a bit of a running joke already) I’ve noticed that tensions are running high. (Truth be told I’ve been a little bit scared of everyone).

I haven’t been able to put my finger on it UNTIL I remember last night some grave words from studio holder John McDonald. When we re-arranged the kitchen space we totally changed the table around to create a bigger play space and allow for more people to fit round during communal meals BUT when John first walked in he remarked that the newly formed arrangement was totally a feng-shui faux pas. Apparently the ‘chi’ would be super disrupted and angry with us and as a consequence something awful was going to happen. Oh course my first reaction was to think, ‘go and light some more incense you big hippy’ BUT I take it all back right now. I think we have to change the table back before it all gets too Pet Cemetery around here!!

I know that it doesn’t sound like a great excuse, that the blog is late and doesn’t even come with a video attached, but seriously if you were getting the vibes I was (bear in mind that I sit right next to that table everyday!) you would totally join my campaign to reverse the table. Right now I can’t even remember anything that happened during the week, all I can focus on is that demonic table positing and the impact it is having on our lives here at Ironbbratz!

I promise that next Friday I’ll have something better to report on and that, hopefully, the table will be returned to its rightful place.

In the meanwhile I just want to offer up some positive vibes instead in the form of one of my favourite scenes from The Lion King!


Seriously though, when it’s not haunted by a demonic table, THE ONLY WAY IS IRONBBRATZ!

P.s. If I didn’t scare you TOO MUCH and you’re looking for a studio with us then TOTALLY CHECK OUT OUR STUDIO AVAILABILITY RIGHT HERE! PLUS THE BROOD PROGRAMME v2.0!!


About Oliver Braid

Oliver Braid is an artist based in Glasgow selected as one of Scotland’s most promising new visual arts practitioners as part of Collective Gallery’s 2011 New Work Scotland Programme and currently based at Ironbbratz Studios. He studied Fine Art at University College Falmouth and Glasgow School of Art, where he completed the Master of Fine Art programme in 2010. Over the past twelve months he has presented solo exhibitions of his work at The Royal Standard, Liverpool; Collective Gallery, Edinburgh; The Mutual, Glasgow and BBC Scotland, Glasgow. Throughout 2012 he is co-hosting a weekly pop-philosophy radio show with the artist Ellie Harrison, The Ellie & Oliver Show, through Culture Lab Radio, Newcastle and is involved with the artist’s therapy group Artist Anonymous.
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One Response to The Only Way is Ironbbratz! Episode 4: The Big Fat Late Edition/Most Haunted

  1. mary freeman says:

    Oliver, you probs already know this but see if you guys use a clap board, you create a spike at the start and it’s a point of reference for lining up audio and visual in post production…..


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